Below is a list of tools you may use to make sure your system is ready to make full use of the Virtual Case Manager software.

2. Test Your Connection Speed
The tool provided on the website will test the speed of your internet connection.
Here are a list of minimum suggested speeds for using VCM
#UsersDownload SpeedUpload Speed
1 - 30.5 Mbps0.5 Mbps
4 - 61 Mbps0.75 Mbps
7+1.5 Mbps0.75 Mbps

3. Web Camera Integration
If you web camera is correctly installed, you should see an image below coming from you web camera.
If you do not see an image below, then your camera is not correctly installed; please re-install your camera's drivers.

4. Signature Pad Integration

If your signature pad is installed and functioning properly, you will be able to see what you write on the pad in the box below.
If you cannot see anything in the box below when you draw on the signature pad, please re-install the signature pad drives.
Click the following link to download the driver: download
Allow program to RUN.
When finished, plug in the Signature Pad. Test by signing, which you should see in the box below.

5. Audio/Video For Training Videos
In order to watch our training videos, you will need to have speakers for headphones for your computer.
Please click the play button on this training video and make sure you can see and hear the video.

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